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Additional Services


Motorcycle Wash & Wax

Includes Wash, bug removal, air blow dry crevices, spray wax, condition leather seat


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Fabric Guard

Helps with spilled drinks to reduce staining.



Ozone Treatment

30 min run time
Eliminate most foul odors such as cigarette, mildew and pet smells.


Add $10 a odor bomb air freshener leaving a pleasant smell behind


Engine Detail

Degrease and scrub engine. Safely rinse away all of the dirt and grease. Dress using a water based conditioner to all rubber and plastic components.  

$75 stand alone service

$50 add on service


Ceramic Windshield Coating

 Increases your wet weather making for a safer driving experience. Excellent for highway driving.



Light Scratch Removal

Remove light scratches or make them less visible

$40+ per body panel


Ceramic Wheel Coating

Gyeon wheel coating protects the finish of your wheels from road grime, salt, brake dust, and high temperatures to keep them looking new and easy to clean up. Includes small bottle of wet coat to help maintain the coating.
Starting $170
*$70 Non Refundable deposit Required


Headlight Restoration

Restore oxidized or Yellow headlights back as close to factory new. Ceramic coated for protection.

$80+ (Pair)

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Ceramic Paint Coating

Protect your car paint from UV rays and contaminants. They also add a lustrous sheen giving an incredible gloss!  Gyeon ceramic coatings are long-lasting and provide a high shine appearance that lasts for years with proper maintenance.

1-3 yr coatings available

Starting at $300

Does not include paint correction
*$100 Non Refundable deposit required

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