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What does ceramic coating have to offer?


  • Ceramic coatings are long lasting, they can last from many months to several years depending on the type of coating you choose

  • Sacrificial layer to protect from UV rays and harsh outdoor elements

  • Helps to prevent paint oxidation or fading

  • Gives a high gloss finish

  • More durable than your traditional waxes

  • Self cleaning properties making it easier to clean

  • Hydrophobic, water beads will trap the dirt for easier wash


  • Protect your wheels against excessive brake dust build up

  • Helps with easier maintenance

  • Lasts up to 6 months on various rim types


  • Increases windshield visibility and overall safety in bad weather

  •  Superior water beading quickly repels water


  • Helps repel water and contamination

  • Brings back that deep and rich shine


  • Keep them looking their best for longer

  • Product will not change the color or feel of your leather

  • A durable layer of protection that lasts up to 12 months

  •  Please note that this product will not restore the leather in anyway. If your leather is cracked, faded, etc. Leather Shield will only help protect it from getting any worse. 

  • Price varies by vehicle size and if paint polishing is needed

  • Paint polishing is highly recommended

  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required

  • Paint coating life expectancy can vary by how you maintain the vehicle.

  • Have us maintain your coating roughly every 6 months to extend its lifespan.

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