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Need to know
Please read carefully before booking

1. Payment Options  

  • Cash

  • Checks

  • All major credit cards

  • Zelle-

  • Venmo- dirtydetailing317

  • Cash App- $dirtydetailing317

  • Gift Cards- Please have gift card ready the day of service

2. Appointments

  • Since we are a small business. We do book out fairly quickly. Please book in advance to avoid long the wait.

  • No notice or last minute cancellations are missed opportunities for us to book another customer. If you are no longer interested or need to reschedule. Please give us a 12-24 hours advance notice.  Customers with multiple repeat cancellations/ rescheduling will require a $50.00 Non-Refundable deposit.

  • Weather cancellations, such as rain, extreme winds or below freezing temperatures will need to be reschedule for a later date unless the vehicle is being dropped off. 

  • Live in a H.O.A neighborhood or Apartment complex where detailing isn't allowed. Drop offs (by appointments only) are welcomed at my home location near 56th and Emerson 46226. Please message us for information on scheduling a drop-off appointment.

3. Your Possessions

  • We strongly recommend to remove any belongings that are considered valuable. Please pre-clean any unsanitary, hazardous, medical items, or any weapons.

  • We do not clean inside the center console storage, glove box or trunk unless it is empty.

  • To make the process go a lot faster and smoother, please remove or unbuckle any baby/child car seats. We do not buckle any car seats back into the vehicle for safety reasons.  A optional complementary quick vacuum/ blow out can be added to your service at no additional cost (No stain removal included) 

  • All of your belongings that are left in the vehicle will be placed in bags, boxes, glove box, center console.

  • We are not responsible for any belongings that may be lost during the cleaning of your vehicle.

4. Performed Services​

  • We require key fobs during servicing to clean the top of the edge of the windows and to help make the interior drying process go quicker by turning on the blower.

  • Please have the vehicle charged or with some gas in it.

  • Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that we will be able we to remove all pet hairs, sand or stains from cloth, carpet, vinyl, or leather. Each vehicle will have different results.

  • Any small biohazard such as vomit or small blood spots will have an additional charge. Please include in message if this is the case.

  • We are not pest control. Any rodents or bugs such as bed bugs & roaches should be handled by a professional exterminator.

  • The amount of time required to detail a car will depend on the size, condition, and detailing services you choose.  A standard detail might take 1-3 hours, while a comprehensive detail might take 3-6 hours.

5. Pre-Existing Conditions

  • We are not responsible for any pre-existing conditions such as tears, scratches, dents, discoloring, damaged aftermarket accessories, any warning lights or any electronic interior or exterior malfunction. Please let us know in advance for any faulty electrical seats, window switches or recently new window tint.

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